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Role: Creative Director

The Petagonia app is a fun and motivational iOS solution built around our client, GreenGoose's motion sensors. Petagonia helps you and your family coordinate care for the pets you love, by notifying caretakers of Fido's activities. Users are acknowledged for the chores they've completed, and can add descriptions and details to the posts, with an option to share socially on Facebook.

The CREO guys have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve stuck with us over the past two years as the company went through several pivots. They also took on a platform new to them and were able to jump in and start swashbuckling their way through new code from day one. Many late nights Marcus and I were on chat cranking out new features and additions. Ryan is an amazing designer and it’s always a delight to see what he comes up with next. Having tons of fun working with them!
— Brian Krejcarek Owner, GreenGoose Inc.