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I am a creative problem solver looking to work with brave brands that are making a positive impact.



What your brand stands for and how it communicates to it's loyal followers is critical. I believe your brand tells a story. The story of who your business is, what it stands for, who it's people are and it's promise to them. Therefore, it's important to be intentional about your brand and how people experience it. I love working through brand strategy and creating the identity and collateral that will be the conduit for your brand to speak to the world.

Creative Direction

Creative direction is leading the aesthetic, establishing the tone, defining the direction and knowing when to stick to it and when to stray from it.

I use mood boards, creative briefs, style tiles and prototypes to help lead creative teams. I have led teams made up of UX Designers , UI Designers, Copywriters, Photographers, Videographers and Programers.

User Experience Design

As the battle for user retention raves on, people expect an intuitive and delightful experience. When crafting a digital product, I focus on the human that will be exploring it. Crafting personas and testing the product out with the intended audience encourages fast iterations on the design to launch the product leaps and bounds beyond what was originally dreamed up on the white board.

User Interface Design

The core to my user interface design approach is made up of beautiful, well thought out interactions, dynamic typography, intuitive controls and a drive to simplify.

Product Design

In my experience leading product design, I have had the opportunity to take a clients' unformed ideas and turn them into something concrete and marketable. One of my favorite things in this industry is bravely striking out to blaze a new trail and in turn delighting my clients as they see their ideas become a reality.

Business-Minded Leadership

Having run a digital agency for six years, I understand there are many facets of business. I know how everything affects the bottom line and that in business, we must keep in mind how our efforts will increase revenue. I also understand the importance of working as a team and establishing a positive company culture.


Social Good

As a Christ-follower and fellow human, I look for opportunities to show love to others. I've had the opportunity to spend time with kids in impoverished neighborhoods in Mexico, help create a safe and playful facility for an orphanage in Brazil, serve food to the homeless on L.A.'s Skidrow as well as work in ministries right in my own neck of the woods.


I love tech, it amazes me what the human mind can dream up and then make into reality. I've worked on projects that use tech to encourage kids towards healthy habits as well as building a smart scale for the kitchen to give transparency and confidence to home nutrition. I have lots of ideas about how tech can enhance life and love exploring new ideas.


I was born and raised in the great northwest spending my time camping, hiking, fishing, biking, motorcycling, hunting, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing, etc. The world is a beautiful place and I love to experience it first hand with a healthy dose of adrenaline. Now as I raise my three boys with my wife, we seek adventures together to instill in them the same love for the great outdoors.


I also enjoy capturing the adventure along the way.
Below are some of the latest Instagram pics for your perusal.